Ballard High School

Website FAQ

Q. How do I submit pictures?
A. You can either email pictures to the webmaster, create an article and attach a picture to it, or become an editor where you will have the ability to manage the photo album.

Q. Where is the Photo Album?
A. As soon as we get some pictures, will put put up some photo albums.

Q. How can I create an article?
A. Log in, and on the bottom of the home page, there will be a link to "Admin". All members can create articles and upload one picture for each article. Once you create an article, you can modify it any time until you send it to the editor. When an article is sent to the editor, the editor can then publish the article.

Q. Who are the editors?
A. We don't have any yet, but editor status can be given to any member who would like to help maintain the site. Editors do not need to know how to write HTML or build web pages.


Directory information has been secured so that only fellow classmates that have logged in can view the information.  No third party will have access to the information, except if it is needed to plan activities relevant to the site. 

Individuals members may elect not to display their mailing address, phone number, or email address to the rest of the group. To do this, make sure you are logged in, then go to your information and edit it. There are checkboxes next to some of the fields that let you choose whether you want to display the information or not.